Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Changes Happenin'!!

To my sweet 11 followers....sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but I'm making some big changes and I wasn't sure where my little blog fit in during this time.  First of all, I'm moving to Lafayette, Louisiana in 3 days.  The rough times in the real estate market finally proved too much for me (at least for now) and I had to go find a J.O.B.  The good news is I found employment in one of my favorite places, where my bestest friend of almost 30 years lives and where I have been sneaking off to every chance I got.  I love my Louisiana friends, and this sweet little town, so much I cry every time I have to leave it to come back to San Antonio.  Don't take it personally, SA, I started a love affair with South Louisiana long ago when at age 26 I moved to New Orleans for fun and found paradise.  So I guess, in some respects, I have come full circle.  I'm not really sure how all this will shake out...but, isn't that the fun part?

Any-who...I will keep blogging as this new adventure unfolds.  I expect to be making lots of changes including the look and feel of my blog.  For now it's,

Adios, San Antonio

Bonjour, Lafayette!