Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Full Time Job

I have noticed, recently, the repeated use of the term "Full Time Job" in conversations and messaging by several of my 20/30-something women friends.  They seem to feel it necessary to emphasize this fact of their life as if it is some sort of foreign concept for me, the 60 year old, "I am so busy, you know I have a FULL TIME JOB."    Really?  You say in addition to your husband, your kids, your aging parents, and your house, you also work for pay at least 40 to 50 hours per week?!!  Incredible!

I find it especially interesting, considering most of these young women were raised by working mothers, in many cases single, working mothers, and yet they act as if their full time job-ness is something new, something mothers and wives and women for centuries haven't experienced.  I, of course, bite my tongue and resist the urge to whip out my resume (which contains 45 years of full time jobs that I'm pretty sure would kick most of their jobs' asses), all the while wondering if this is what they give their children or husband or parents as the reason why they can't be there for them.

Ladies, I am here to inform you, this is part of the deal and we have all been there.  You know you love your job.  Don't pretend it's not an important component of who you are, but if you're going to short change your family and friends, using your full time job as an excuse is just lame and perpetuates a stereotype the women of my and my mother's generation worked "full time" to change. Now I'm not saying you aren't busy, you probably are, but don't insult seasoned professional women with your full time laments, when they know FROM EXPERIENCE, it is most likely just poor time management.

Clutter Diva