Sunday, November 13, 2011

At Last!!!!

As some of you may know, I have been job hunting all summer.  Now, I have worked NON-STOP since I was 18, and you would think I deserved a break, but the last four months of being "out of work" have been maddening.  Not just the loss of income, I frankly don't know what to do with myself!  In addition, I fall into that scary catagory of 50-something age women with resumes as long as your arm trying to find a "last act" to their career life, but up against a multitude of young competition.  I'm not out to set the world on fire...I've done that once or twice already...but, I did have a certain criteria for this job search that I hoped to attain.

1.  Be of service, utilizing my lifetime of experience and skill set to serve my community and neighbors.
2.  Be happy, I enjoy my time in the workplace, it must be filled with positive, happy people.
3.  Make just enough money to supplement my much pared down lifestyle here in Lafayette.

Well dear hearts, in the words of Etta James..."At last, my love has come along."!  Two weeks ago I began working at the Louisiana Craft Guild's Sans Souci Gallery!  Now I spend my days surrounded by the wonderful work of talented artisans and meeting people from all over the world that find their way to this historic building in downtown Lafayette.

I hope my Lafayette friends and neighbors will come visit me at the gallery and join me in supporting our Louisiana craftsmen and artisans.  In fact, I encourage all of my blog readers to take time to support the arts in their hometown.

Clutter Diva