Thursday, October 25, 2012

My New Obsession

What is it??  Estate Sales!  Oh, not for shopping...for selling.  My friend, Anna Meriwether, who is now my new housemate, is in the estate sale business.  A few months ago Anna asked if I could help with one of her sales.  Well, because I was curious and, frankly, needed the extra pocket money, I decided to set aside my allergy to clutter (not to mention dust) and pitch in.

Dear Hearts, I was instantly hooked!  First of all, I learned the term "hoarder" is nothing new.  It is astounding how much STUFF we humans acquire and hang onto in our homes.  In the beginning of preparing a sale it seems overwhelming the amount of stuff you need to pull out of closets, cabinets and garages in order to display and price it.  But as you go, a story begins to unfold and it's like reading a mystery novel or putting together a puzzle...the lives of the inhabitants reveals themselves with each room's contents until you get the whole picture.

Not to mention folks, we are in South Louisiana.  The heart of Acadiana, Cajun country.  There is a very unique history and culture in this area, so when you get into these old family estates there is no telling what you will unearth.

Now each time Anna's cell phone buzzes, I get all excited hoping it's a new client and a new adventure.  So I have decided to take ya'll along with me as I indulge in this obsession.  Anna has several upcoming sales that I have already "sneek peeked" and you won't believe what we found!  If you are in the Lafayette area, go to for dates and information on sales.

Hope you will enjoy this journey as much as me...more to come,


Clutter Diva