Monday, August 23, 2010

At The Camp

Greetings from Cypremort Point, Louisiana!  Dear Hearts, the Clutter Diva has taken a few well deserved days off and joined my bestest friend at her brother's fishing camp in Cypremort Point....oh how I love it out here.  For the last two days we have hung out at Scotty Gordon's palatial camp, talking and laughing til' our jaws ache, setting out crab traps, cooking and EATING crabs, shrimp and trout prepared by Big Mike and Little Mike like nobody's business!!!  There is nothing like good food with good company.  I even whipped up bread pudding last night (something I have never made...thank goodness for laptop computers and Paula Deen).

Two swings hang at the end of the camp's pier.  Perfect for watching the sun set over the water.  We didn't get out on the boats...water was too choppy.  And it is hot here, but if I find myself about to complain, I just check the temps back in San Antonio (105 degrees...seriously?!!).

Sorry ya' organizing hints today.  Just picture me with my feet up, organizing my thoughts.

Happy Organizing


  1. Get OUT!! Are you from Lafayette? Cypremort Point is one of the most wonderful places in the world! I go there pretty often--one of my best friends has a (verynice) camp out there.

    Also, Scotty Gordon owned a ton of real estate in my neighborhood--I've met him once or twice--nice guy :)

    What a small world!

  2. You get out! No, I'm not from Lafayette. My best friend is Scotty's sister, Tracy. We were roommates years and years (and years) ago in New Orleans. She now lives in Lafayette and I visit quite often.