Monday, September 13, 2010

The "Wait For Nate" Is Over!

This was the morning I've been waiting for all summer....the Nate Berkus Show premiered this morning at 9:00 am and it did not disappoint.  For those of you not in the know, Nate Berkus is the award winning decorator who came to national attention when he was pinned to Oprah as her show's decorating expert.  It goes without saying that Oprah is the producer of this new show.  Not only is Nate just downright precious, but his design work is wonderful.

The first show featured a terrific kitchen makeover followed by tips on decorating with "found" objects, how to choose a paint color, and more.  All delivered with that boyish enthusiasm and charm that has endeared him to me and his many, many other followers since Oprah first brought him into our living rooms.  I can see I will need to set my DVR to 9:00 am every weekday morning so I don't miss any shows due to annoying disstractions like work and clients (check for showtimes in your area),.

I noticed that Nate's website and show have lots of organizing ideas and hints that I know I'll be interested in.  Nate's decorating inspirations are almost always function over form, and his spaces are wonderfully livable as well as beautiful.  I have always been particularily impressed with what he can do with small spaces that require unique, muliti-purpose furnishings and storage solutions.

I was disappointed to see Oprah announce that this would be her final season, but I thank her for leaving us Nate (it almost makes up for her saddling us with Dr. Phil...almost).

Happy Organizing

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