Monday, May 23, 2011

No Superstores Out Here!

It is true that with my new job my days are long, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.  It's also true that I am out in the middle of, retailwise, nowhere.  But, I have found a little bit of heaven that eluded me in the big city...the Centerville Market grocery store.

In as much as I love to shop for clothes and household goods, and as much as I love to eat, and, occasionally, cook, I am absolutely phobic about giant grocery stores.  I will buy milk and eggs at Walgreens or the Shell station mini-mart for 5 times the price rather than brave the acres of parking lot, and aisle after aisle of products I don't want or need.  Even if I have plenty of time, money and a written list in hand, I become overwhelmed and disorientated and can never seem to get out with what I came in for.  I have actually found myself getting lightheaded after a few minutes in one of these megastores and have been known to just leave my cart and race back outside to my car.

So, you can imagine my delight at bumping into a sweet, little family owned grocery in Centerville, Louisiana, practically a stone's throw from my workplace.  This store has 10 aisles at most, and so neat and organized, like a pantry.  Nothing fancy, but everything you hot plate lunches served out of the kitchen in the back of the store.  Again, nothing beans and rice, chicken, okra, cobler.

I might stop into this store a couple of times in one day.  I love how the checkers call you baby..."Baby, you got everything you need?  Awright, now you have good day, Baby"  Don't bring your big city, type-A personality into this store. You might stand in the checkout line 30 minutes while the checker and the lady in front of you "catch up".  But, they always include you in the conversation, "We just catchin' up, Baby.  She used to live across from my Momma's...where you from, Baby?"  I told you....Heaven.


I am so excited to announce my first contest is in the "works"!!!  It should be lots of fun and the prize is wonderful.  Stay tuned...details will be posted very soon.

Clutter Diva

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