Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goin' To The Chapel

I received a call last week from my beautiful niece, Elizabeth, letting me know that she and her adorable fiance, Grant, had finally chosen a date for their wedding...October 7th (that's her engagement ring pictured above...good job, Grant!).  That's the kind of call that doting, childless aunts live for.  In fact, I'm hearing wedding bells all over the place.  Two darling girls that used to work in my California office after school, still in their plaid school uniform skirts and knee socks, are both getting married in the coming weeks and months.  Congratulations to Kaysie and Alison, please post lots of pictures of both your weddings on Facebook.

Elizabeth also worked for me during the summer, along side Kaysie and Alison.  I can still see those three laughing together and having such a good time.  Little did they know then as they talked endlessly about "boys", they would all become brides within months of each other.  So, just as I presumed you girls needed my advice back then (stop snickering!) I have a few words of wisdom about your impending stroll down the aisle.

1.  Remember to smile in all your bridal portrait photos.  I took my portrait photos the morning before the ceremony and I was so nervous I couldn't eak out one smile.  I have forever since been called the Great Unsmiling Bride, although I'm grinning like crazy in every photo at the reception!  Geez!

2.  Do not...I repeat, DO NOT "gator", "sprinkler", "hitch hike" dance at your reception.  I know it's almost impossible to keep the groomsmen under control, but $2,000 wedding gowns deserve respect.  You can break out those moves once you are on your tropical locale honeymoon with a pina colada in your hand.

3.  Make sure you thank your parents (and amazing aunts) in your toast at the reception.  Oh yea, those folks are all smiles and happiness now, but they went through hell getting you all grown up and they've earned a hearty THANK YOU.

4.  Send photos of your wedding to elderly relatives who could not attend (or slept through the whole thing).  It will make their day and they will send you money (I'm just sayin').

5.  And, most importantly, spend more on your honeymoon than your reception.  Save to buy a house....think Open House vs. Open Bar.  Your friends and family love you, wish for you every happiness and would show up to your wedding if it were held  in a pup tent and we had to bring our own sack lunch.

In other words, you don't need my advice.  You have all grown into smart, accomplished and amazing women and you have chosen your future husbands accordingly.  I can't be in California for Kaysie's or Alison's weddings but I'll be there in spirit (did I mention post lots of photos on FB?), but, come October 7th I'll be thinking about all three of you girls when I watch Elizabeth take her vows.

Alison & Ken

Kaysie & Kevin

Elizabeth & Grant

Aunt Sally

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  1. Thank you so much Sally! I'm sad you can't be there but I definitely know you'll be there in spirit! And I will be sure to post LOTS of pictures! Love you!