Friday, September 16, 2011

27 Years In The Making

If you have a best friend, in my case a bestest best friend (BBF), of 25 years or more you know that is something to celebrate.  Great women friends are a treasure and I have been fortunate to have had many wonderful, smart, unique and, sometimes, downright quirky friends during my adult life (you know who you are!).  My BBF, Tracy, came along during a particularly amazing chapter of my life, just after I had moved to New Orleans.  We met on my 29th birthday (at gunpoint, but that's a long story that requires at least 2 martini refills...but, if we ever meet in person I'll tell you all about it).  That fateful night resulted in a friendship that is still as strong today as it was 27 years ago.  We shared a seriously cool apartment in the French Quarter, I was maid of honor at her wedding and she, matron of honor at mine.  She helped me pick out my first little yorkshire terrier puppy and I taught her how to cook.  We've held each other up through the loss of our parents, the loss of our marriages, and the loss of our short-term memory.  We've been separated by several state lines over the years, sometimes going many months between phone calls...years between visits, but our closeness never wavered and time slipped away the very moment we spoke again.

So here's to you Tracy.  Today is your special day (although you will deny it... "Mais, I don' know nuthin' about dat, me"), and I want you to know how much you mean to me and all the other people whose lives you touch.

P.S.  The 70's called, and they want their hairdo back.

Happy (You Know),

Sally Poodette

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