Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World At My Doorstep

I love working in my gallery!!!  Day after day I meet the most interesting and nice people...from all over the world.  Today a couple from New Zealand, Warren and Monica, came into the gallery (my little downtown magnet, this sweet gallery).  Seems they sold their house in NZ and bought a 57 ft. yacht in Houston.  After 3 months of "fixing up" their new floating home, they are headed down to Florida and then wherever else their fancy takes them.  Lafayette was their first stop (well, really Delcambre is where they docked).  And, as if that wasn't cool enough, another customer visiting from Baltimore invited the New Zealanders to dock at her home when they decide to head up the eastern seaboard.  There was this sudden flurry of exchanging addresses, emails and phone numbers.  I made sure I got the link to Warren and Monica's blog...  Yup, just another day in the office.



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