Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Get Started

Welcome to my blog! I have never blogged before so, dear reader, please pardon my baby steps. I decided to venture into this medium because for years my friends, family and professional colleagues have called on me to advise or help them get organized. Quite frankly, I give really good advice on this subject so it occured to me I should put my organizational tools and tips out there in cyberspace. It is my hope this blog will provide someone help and inspiration to get organized or live a more clutter-free life. It is also my hope readers will feel free to ask advice on specific organizing or de-cluttering problems, or even better, like-minded individuals will write back and share their own organizational tips. So here's my first tip for getting organized and cutting the clutter...Get Started. If you are a real "Clutter Bug" this may feel overwhelming, but getting started doesn't require a master plan or huge block of time. You also don't need to drop a fortune at the Container Store before getting started either. My de-cluttering always begins with one simple tool...a garbage bag (if I'm organizing an office a shredder is really helpful as well). Getting rid of all the unnecessary junk mail, magazines, newspapers, and all that paper that piles up so quickly is a great first step to clearing your decks. I know throwing things away is often the hardest step for some people, so those folks might want to get a friend to lend support. How ever hard it is to toss out that first garbage bag, the sense of empowerment you get as the garbage truck drives away is intoxicating and well worth the effort.

Well, it seems I've gotten started on my blogging journey and it wasn't so hard after all and the best paper to throw away!

Happy organizing,

The Clutter Diva


  1. Thanks so much for the advice, Sally. Getting started is always so difficult for me. I build it up in my mind to be this really big deal. Plus, I can be lazy. And a procrastinator. A deadly combination. I've learned that most of the stuff I've "saved" in a pile to put away later or to just deal with usually a "throw away" pile when I finally get to it.

    Joni Wheatley Brundage

  2. Honey, you are preaching to the choir. If laziness and procrastination were olympic events I would hold two gold medals. I know for a fact that you are neither of those and that you give tirelessly of yourself to your family, job and friends. That's why I recommend taking small steps to get organized. Because once you see how getting that "pile" off you plate makes so much room for those really important tasks in your life you will want to take it to the next level.