Friday, May 21, 2010

Label, Label, Label

Say "Hello" to my little friend.  No, I'm not going to to go on and on about my labelmaker.  I think everyone knows the merits of labels.  In fact, I don't really think you need a labelmaker if you have nice handwriting...which I don't.  As a matter of fact, my handwriting is so bad I can't even read it most of the time.  So, if your handwriting is as illegible as mine, you might want to invest in a labelmaker.  This Brother model is my weapon of choice...simple with a typewriter-style keyboard.  Quick and efficient labels can make organizing your office and your home easier.

However, I wish my handwriting was better, because I love the look of handwritten labels, cards and notes.  I get a warm feeling every time I see my mother's or my grandmother's handwriting on the back of an old photo or a recipe card.  Making fun, handwritten labels can also bring some style to your organizing, the way scrapbooks give your photos an attractive presentation.  Attach your homemade labels to storage jars of buttons or nails, or use the file folders specifically designed with "writable" tabs and mark with different colored pens.  I have a very creative friend who uses vintage suitcases as decorative storage...a modern, stick-on label just wouldn't look right on those cases. 

Organizing and de-cluttering can be fun and creative.  Writer Julie Morgenstern author of "Organizing from the Inside, Out", talks about how organizing should be personal, designed to meet each individuals needs and work style. 

Happy Organizing.

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