Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Redefining The Home Office

Has the "home office" in your house become more of an eye sore than a convenience?  Is that cpu on the floor and big monitor on the desk gathering dust because every family member is sitting elsewhere working on their laptops?  And, all those cords and cables!!!!!  Time to redefine your home work space.

As a realtor I work from home a great deal, but I recently got rid of my big home office desk along with my HP PC and my Canon printer that were taking up valuable space in my guest room.  Between my laptop, my notebook and my iPhone...I found I was rarely using that workstation and the idea of decorating my guest room without the office equipment was all I needed to put the desk and computer in a garage sale.

Of course the biggest obstacle to this process is the realization that all that expensive equipment will bring in a mere fraction of what you paid for it.  Technology is moving at lightening speed and depreciates by more than half the minute you take it out of the box.  GET OVER IT.  If your old home office can become an economical homework station for a student or someone else that really needs a computer but can't afford to buy new, that's a good thing.  Donate your equipment to the local YMCA or school, and get a tax write-off.  Even if you're holding on to some really old equipment, there are organizations that will take it for the parts.

As an organizer I love, love, love wireless technology.  I feel like Pinocchio when he became a real boy and his strings disappeared.  This morning, I'm writing this blog on my little notebook while sitting on my patio enjoying my first cup of coffee.  I have struggled for years trying to think up creative ways to make my home office look more "home" than "office" without success.   Now, I have one central spot to "recharge" my wireless equipment and my guest room is cleared for redecorating.  So cut the strings and reclaim that space your old home office is taking up.

Happy Organizing

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