Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Cure For Neck Pain

I was asked the other day, by a friend, if I had any good ideas for storing costume necklaces.  You know, those long strands of beads and such that are the fashion these days.  She told me her costume necklaces were all jumbled up in her jewelry drawer and getting them untangled each time she wanted to wear one was, well, a pain in the neck.  I said, "Sister...I am way ahead of ya".  I had worked out a solution to my necklace dilema months ago.  I used an area of blank wall in my closet, added two inexpensive hook fixtures I bought at Target and, VIOLA, no more tangled chains and beads.  Not only can I view and access my necklaces more easily, but, because they are hanging in my closet, I can also see which outfits to pair them with.

 Of course, this was my solution (and a darned good one I might add), but, you may not have an available blank wall in your closet.  In fact, my friend was not sure this solution worked for her.  So we came up with some other creative ways to organize our long necklaces.

For instance, using a clear, over-the-door shoe organizer, and instead of shoes, place a necklace in each slot.  Check out your local crafts store for clear, plastic, lidded containers with individual compartments used in storing beads or sequins .  These containers come in many sizes and can sit on a closet shelf or in a bureau drawer, keeping your necklaces separated.  Of course, there are lots of cases and organizers made specifically for jewelry on the market and are good for storing your fine jewelry, but you might want to consider these more inexpensive solutions for your costume pieces.

Now, I love these necklaces, but if you're like me, you are constantly breaking them!  I've popped a link adjusting my seat belt, closing the desk drawer on them, hooking them on any and everything.  Because I have so many necklaces, I felt it was wise to invest in a repair kit.  So, off I went Hobby Lobby, where I picked up a few different kinds of links and crimping beads, and a pair of crimping pliers.  As you can see, I used an oversized pill case (a gag gift from my 50th birthday...ha...ha) to store the links and beads.  I keep these items in my jewelry drawer and now I can fix my necklaces easily without using my teeth or eyebrow tweezers.

So there you have it.  A small problem solved, but a big step towards living a de-cluttered life.  We spend so much money on clothes and accessories, it's a sin not to keep them organized and in good condition.

Happy Organizing

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  1. I wonder who that friend may have been? :)