Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goodwill To All!

The upside of my recent surgery and recovery is the loss of 54 unwanted pounds.  Don't ask me how sitting on my big ass for over two months made me lose, well, my big ass, but I'm not complaining.  Except when I returned to my closet to get dressed for the outside world I didn't have anything to wear!  I looked like a bag lady in most of my tops and I had only two pairs of pants that would stay up around my waist because they have elastic waistbands.

Because I'm just getting back to work my funds for a new wardrobe are meager, and, besides I don't want to buy new winter clothes with spring just around the corner.   So, Dear Hearts, off I went to the Goodwill Store to find, possibly, a pair of blue jeans that I could at least "kick around" in.  Now, I have donated tons of clothes to Goodwill over the years, but, I have to admit I had never shopped for clothes there.  Well, SIGN ME UP for the Goodwill frequent flier program!!  I spent hours trying on pants, etc and couldn't believe the amount of really nice, used items to chose from.  I bought two pairs of jeans and a pair of black, cotton slacks and spent a whopping $14.00!!!  All three items were in great shape, and of good quality (including the pair of GAP jeans, that I'm sure were over $40 retail).

I have lots of friends who frequent "resale/consignment" clothing stores for great deals on designer labels, but I recommend checking into your local Goodwill Store every so often as well.  For those of you who already know this, I apologize for preaching to the choir, but for those of you less informed (like me) I hope you'll check GW out.  Let me know what good deals you find!


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