Monday, June 18, 2012

It Takes a [Facebook] Village

 Four days ago my coworker, a single mom of a 6 year old, posted the following on Facebook, "We all remember those days of getting picked on for some reason or another, Diego is getting it for his name, so in order to prove a point to him, that the world is much bigger than 3 little kids, please like this comment if you like the name Diego :-) just some positive affirmations for my sweet son."  Within a few hours her Facebook post received 121 likes and 36 wonderful comments like this one, "Diego.... when I first heard his name....I. said to myself "wow! What an awesome name to grow up with! Nobody else will have it. I have a funny middle name...Kamil. People used to make fun of me And call me camel. I use to hate it. But now I am very proud of it! Because I know why my daddies chose that middle name. It's middle-eastern. And I feel really special to have it."   According to Diego's mom, Heather, his happiness and confidence grew with every buzz of her cell phone signalling another post or "like" coming in.  It makes me happy to know there are so many caring adults who will take the time to bolster one child's self esteem.  I'm posting this blog to my Facebook page as well, so if you would like to comment or "like" the name Diego, please do, and I will pass along your responses to this special little boy and his awesome mom. 

Have a wonderful day,

Clutter Diva

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