Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today's Favorite Thing: The Battery Store

A big part of creating a more organized life is finding those shops and services that make our life easier.  One of my favorite finds is BatteriesPlus+, or as I call it, The Battery Store.  It all started with a drawer full of wristwatches with dead batteries and little coupon in the mail from BatteriesPlus+ for watch replacement batteries for $3.99.  I was thrilled to find such a bargain.  I had always taken my watch to the jewelry store and paid $20 to $25 for a battery replacement.  The nearest BatteriesPlus+ store was less than a quarter mile from my house, so I gathered up all my watches and trotted right over.  The moment I set foot in the store I felt like Columbus landing in the new world!

In our gadget-filled universe, this store had it all.  Batteries for everything you could imagine from plain old AA's to batteries for cells phones, laptops, appliances, tools, cars, etc, etc, etc.  The sales staff was wonderful and very knowledgeble.  They changed out all of my watch batteries for me and sold me some long lasting AA and AAA batteries at a great price.  Before I left they gave me several coupons for savings on future purchases.

They also provide recycling services for batteries, laptops and cell phones (you know you're not supposed to throw those in the trash, right?).  So, if you're on a mission to clear your clutter, this is a wonderful resource for recycling all that old technology laying around.  But, before you replace that cordless rayzor or power tool whose rechargeable battery is no longer good, call the BatteriesPlus+ store near you or go online to because they sell replacement battery packs for hundreds of products.

Bottomline, BatteriesPlus+ is a terrific, one-stop solution to keeping us powered up and running, and with Christmas right around the corner, you don't want to land on Santa's naughty list for not having plenty of fresh batteries on Christmas morning.

Happy Organizing

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