Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Here!!

The amazing Julie Neill, Elizabeth chandelier that I won in the Cote de Texas giveaway has arrived!!  My beautiful niece, who coincidentally is also named Elizabeth, was on hand to join me in opening the package and we were both mesmerized by the contents.  We just stood there in the middle of my garage, peering into the box as if it were a meteorite from outer space that landed in my garage and cracked open to reveal a baby Superman inside.

Elizabeth meet Elizabeth

My darling niece had come over to help me install a doggie door and go onto my laptop computer to show me a picture of the engagement ring she and her fiance had picked out.  This was a bonus day for a doting aunt, dear hearts.  If, like me, you don't have children of your own, take my advice and invest heavily in a niece or nephew.  I have shamelessly done whatever I could to buy Elizabeth's affection over the years and, in return, she has been the light of my life.  So, it's no wonder, after opening that big box in my garage she just had to give it a shot...  Wedding gift?  Not a chance.  Inheritance?  Absolutely.

Happy Organizing


  1. You are the best Aunt ever! Of course I am also the best niece ever : )! Love ya