Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life in Dixieland

Dear Hearts, I have completely lost control of my house (and most of my life) to an 8 lb, four-legged tyrant named Dixie!  With winter around the corner, I finally got off my duff and installed a little doggie door for my yorkie, so I could avoid leaving the back door open or getting up and down every time she wants to go outside.  Now, little Miss Dixie had a dog door the first two years of her life that she navigated beautifully.  She has gone without her own door for the past 4 years, until a few days ago when her loving mommie risked life and limb to cut a hole in the back door!

I trained Dixie to use her first door in about 2 minutes....a couple of passes back and forth with a treat on each side and success.  This time around Miss Thang has, apparently, figured out how to train me!  For the last several days she has stood on either side of the door, refusing to pass through without a treat.  Even if I just give up and open the door she will not come in or out unless I produce a treat.  I was really beating myself up thinking the door was too small, or too high, or I'm not patient enough....yea, that was until yesterday when a squirrel appeared in the backyard and Miss Thang was through that door in a shot!  3 points...nothing but net!!  Cool, right?  Wrong.  Today we're back to staring at the door like it's some kind of torture chamber she could not possibly pass through without the proper coersion.  Oh, it's on!  Like Donkey Kong!  But, not just yet, because I just ran out of treats...

Happy Holidays, Ya'll!


  1. Hahahahahaha!!! Miss Thang definitely has you trained! Maybe the purchase of a fake-squirrel-look-alike would work? Who am I kidding. Our little dogs have us wrapped around their teeny, little paws!

  2. A remote controlled mouse outside will fix Ms. Dix. I am sure of it!!!!