Friday, December 10, 2010

My Pick for This Season's Best Gift

Of course, it's the Amazon Kindle!  I love books.  I love receiving books, and I love giving books to all those bookworms among my family and friends (and there are quite a few).  But, as an organizer the Kindle warms the cockles of my old librarian heart.  When I think of all those cartons of books we lug around, dust covered bookshelves in our homes, stacks of books on our bedside table, etc., etc., I could just scream!  So this amazing wireless reader, which holds 3,500 books, weighs less than a paperback, downloads books in seconds at a cost of around $10.00 per book is a great way for book lovers to begin living a less cluttered existence.

 OK, OK, don't get your knickers in a bunch!  I am not suggesting you should put your treasured book collection in the recycle bin.  But, I do have some suggestions for paring down that collection to something more manageable and meaningful.

To begin with, I keep art books and coffee table books on subjects I am interested in.  These books make beautiful accessories around the home and I love to look through them again and again.  I also keep any books that were signed by the author or contain sentimentally significant written messages from the person who gifted me the book.  And, lastly I keep any "collectible" books like first editions, limited editions or antique volumes.

All others I donate to libraries, hospitals, senior living facilities...whoever needs them.  You can donate your magazines as well...I for one, love a good magazine, but if there is an article that I really want to hang on to I tear it out and file it, and recycle the rest of the magazine.  You can also download your favorite magazines and newspapers on the Kindle as well....can I get an Amen?!

Now, am I going to stop hanging out in Barnes & Noble on Sunday afternoons?  No way.  Will I stop buying hardbound books all together?  Definitely, not.  But, as an avid reader I would love to find the Kindle in my stocking!

If any of my readers have more good ideas about what to do with used books I would appreciate your comments.

Happy Organizing

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